Apolonia SensaLust Stroker

By Kiiroo

Product Description:

Introducing the Apolonia SensaLust Stroker, a gateway to the depths of your fantasies. Crafted with utmost precision, this stroker is molded from the real-life body parts of the mesmerizing Apolonia Lapiedra, bringing you an authentic and immersive experience.

Feel every intricate detail of Apolonia's anatomy as you indulge in the incredibly soft, skin-like material. It's as if she's right there with you, enticing your senses and taking you on a journey of pure ecstasy. The sleeve is designed with an array of ribs and bumps strategically placed to intensify your pleasure with every stroke. Surrender to the sensations and let them consume you completely.

The Apolonia SensaLust Stroker can be enjoyed in various ways. Lose yourself in solo play and discover new heights of pleasure, or combine it with the Keon by KIIROO for an unparalleled interactive experience. The powerful synergy between the stroker and Keon will immerse you in a realm of mind-blowing sensations, bringing your deepest desires to life.

Product Specifications:

Material Stroker: ABS, PC
Material Sleeve: TPE
Size: 220x84mm
Weight: 800 grams