Alexis Fawx SensaGasm Stroker

By Kiiroo

Product Description:

Introducing the Alexis Fawx SensaGasm Stroker, a masterpiece crafted to bring your fantasies to life. Molded from the sensual curves of Alexis Fawx's real-life body, this stroker offers an unmatched experience of intimate pleasure.

Feel every intricate detail as you glide through the incredibly soft, skin-like material. The lifelike texture caresses your every movement, transporting you to a realm of unparalleled bliss. The sleeve is thoughtfully designed with ribs and bumps strategically placed for your personal pleasure. Each stroke will ignite a symphony of sensations, leaving you craving more.

The Alexis Fawx SensaGasm Stroker can be enjoyed in multiple ways. Embark on a private journey of self-discovery or enhance your intimate moments by pairing it with the Keon by KIIROO. With Keon's interactive capabilities, you'll unlock a whole new dimension of pleasure as you sync the stroker to your desires.

Product Specifications:

  • Material Stroker: ABS, PC
  • Material Sleeve: TPE
  • Size: 220x84mm
  • Weight: 800 grams
  • Color: Pale

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