Fetish Fantasy Swing - Black | Adjustable for Beginners


Description: Revive your sex life with the incredible Fetish Fantasy Swing in black. This swing is the ultimate tool to swing your intimate experiences back into action. Easy to install with just a few common tools, the eyelet bolt can be securely placed either in a wooden doorway frame or a strong ceiling beam for optimum range of motion.

For doorways, locate the center of the wooden frame, drill a 5/16 pilot hole, and screw in the eyelet bolt until all threads are concealed. For ceilings, find a beam with enough clearance, mark the center, drill a 5/16 pilot hole, and screw in the eyelet bolt securely.

Caution: Once the eyelet bolt is installed, avoid removing it for safety purposes as it could weaken its hold.

Hanging the swing is simple. For weights under 200 lbs., use the Torsion Spring provided. If the weight exceeds 200 lbs., assemble the swing hardware without the spring. Always consider the combined weight of both partners during use.

The fully adjustable Fantasy Swing is designed for your comfort and can accommodate a variety of sexual positions with minimal exertion. All pads, supports, and stirrups can be adjusted, and the swing can be set at any desired distance from the floor.

Warning: Suggested weight limit not to exceed 350 lbs. Install and use at your own risk.