The Weekender Kit Prepack - 6 Flavors

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Product Description:

Always be ready for love with the all-new Weekender Kit Prepack. Perfectly sized for spontaneous romantic getaways, this petite sensual kit contains Kama Sutra's popular luxuries in six different flavors. Each portion is conveniently packed in a discreet black tin that fits comfortably in your pocket, luggage, bag, or purse.

Enjoy kissable body treats, a sexy feather tickler, and erotic play cards for fun and sensual adventures. The kit includes Oil of Love, a kissable water-based body oil, Honey Dust, a kissable body powder with feather tickler for application, two Aromatics/Naturals Massage Oil packets, a rich emollient formula that makes giving or receiving a sensuous massage a pleasure, and two Love Liquid Classic packets, a personal, water-based lubricant. Additionally, the kit includes six play cards that include positions, actions, and commands for erotic adventures and sexy play.

The Weekender Kit Prepack is perfect for romantic getaways, vacations, or as a wonderful bridal shower or wedding gift. If you're new to Kama Sutra and can't decide on what you want, this kit allows you to sample some of their most popular products packed into perfectly portioned sizes.


Key Features:

  • Petite sensual kit with six different flavors
  • Perfectly sized for spontaneous romantic getaways
  • Includes kissable body treats and sexy feather tickler
  • Erotic play cards make it fun and sexy
  • Discreet black tin makes it easy for travel
  • Ideal for a weekend away
The Weekender Kit Prepack - 6 Flavors

The Weekender Kit Prepack - 6 Flavors